Brest, selfhoused migrants in neighborhoods of Saint Pierre, Quizac and Collia’s corridor

Brest, In Coallia's corridor for 3 months !
Brest, In Coallia’s corridor for 3 months !

 Brest, selfhoused migrants in neighborhoods of Saint Pierre, Quizac and Coallia’s corridor… we do not understand anything about the actions of the authorities. The person who has just given birth in hospital Morvan will be housed in a hotel with her baby and other family members. Hard to put a baby in Quizac !

A couple arrived yesterday evening from Albania is housed immediatly because in Quizac there are not enough mattresses, already several people are sleeping on blankets.

Note that the state, social services and associations mandated send some migrants in Quizac ! It became the solution to avoid as much as possible the hotel. A decorated christmast tree has even been delivered, any message behind this gesture ?

What’s about words of minister Ms Cécile Duflot, she said that unused publics buildings, even those sequestered by banks to push up houses prices, should be requisitioned. Solution certainly less expensive than private hotels and depriving the state of the excuse of having spent all the money allocated.

What about the forgotten family down the coallia’s corridor for almost 3 month. In his case the court ruled, the expulsion is required. They do not want go Quizac which is full of people, and where some volunteers who help are already overworked. Just ask this family to be housed. In 3 months they has seen others come for first registration at Coallia, some be accomodated. Them with a 3 year old child, 5 another to 17 years can no longer. For toilet they must cross a road where some drivers tumble at full speed, and go to a wasteland between the bushes. Then ? Expelled from the corridor and thrown into the street, is this possible ? What the law is saying about this ?

For the albanians living in Saint Pierre judge pronounced the expulsion on the 20th of march 2013 after the winter break. The six young albanians have a little respite for their procedures, learn French language, and try to be accepted in our.

In this painting that appears outrageous during the celebrations of the end of the year, is the situation of this family in Coalia’s corridor that afflicts most. Hope that the Prefect do something because it is in his power.

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